It’s been a while, so: an update

Posted in Chit chat by Jan Leenders on June 20, 2011

There’s been some tweeting about Twit2art lately by @katia_a, @theonehitwonder, @ntone and @steffest. One question that popped up: how about a Twit2art exhibition?

Personally I think it may be really tough to organise. To begin with, the Twit2art paintings are spread all over the world:

Belgium: 34
USA: 6
The Netherlands: 5
UK: 5
Switzerland: 3
Australia: 1
Ireland: 1
Canada: 1
Brazil: 1

In total there are 57 Twit2art artworks out there (you might remember I skipped #50).

Of course, most of them are in Belgium, but I’m not even sure if all of the 34 Belgian paintings would actually make it to the exhibition. A solution for the absent paintings could be (as suggested by @steffest) a videostream. But maybe a framed picture will also do :)

Other news:
– It’s still possible to order a Twit2art artwork. Currently at a very reasonable 59 euro :)
– Recently started the Art Spammers project.
– I also noticed I didn’t put Twit2art #56, #57 and #58 online. I’ll take care of it.


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  1. Greet said, on June 20, 2011 at 2:57 pm

    I would bring mine :-)

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