About Twit2art

Twit2art is an art project. You can become part of it.

This is how it works:
1. You send an #order twit to @twit2art. Make sure it looks like “#order @twit2art your message here” or “your message here #order @twit2art”.
2. Your twit will be transformed into an artwork.
3. You receive your artwork by mail (regular mail, of course).
(The how-to has changed a bit during the Twit2art existence, because Twitter underwent some changes too.)

It’s got a price, right?
Yes, nothing in life’s for free. But if you’re fast, it’s cheap. The first twit (thus the first painting) costs € 1. The second € 2, the third € 3 and so on. The price includes everything. Material, packaging, shipping, taxes. Everything.
Oh, and it’s not the first twit you send me that costs € 1, but the first twit overall. I’m not Santa, you know.

How much does a Twit2art artwork cost right now?
You can check the list of incoming twits here.

What does a Twit2art artwork look like?
A Twit2art artwork will always be made on a stretched canvas of 18 x 12 cm (7.1 x 4.7 inch). The design will depend on my mood. Maybe they will all look the same, maybe the style will evolve. Who knows.
Discover the finished Twit2art artworks here.

What’s the timing? How fast will I receive my artwork?
I’ll paint the twits chronologically. When the first painting is ready, I’ll start with the second one and so on. Visit this page to see which twits I received, and which ones I’ve already finished.

What is a twit? What is Twitter?
A twit is a message, sent via Twitter. Twitter is a free online service that allows you to send short “updates” or “twits” to the Twitter website. A twit can be up to 140 characters long. Only text. This video explains it all.
Don’t have a Twitter account? Sign up for free.

Step by step instructions if you’re new to Twitter:
1. Create a free Twitter account here.
2. Press “skip” at the bottom of the page of the next page.
3. Type your message. It should look like this: “#order @twit2art your message here” or “your message here #order @twit2art”.
4. Press “update”.
5. That’s it!

Extra tips:
Sometimes Twitter acts strange, and I don’t receive your twits as I should. The best way to make sure I notice your twit, is by starting following me. How do you that? Simple, go to my Twitter page and hit the follow button.
If it takes too long before I contact you, or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate and send me an e-mail.

What if I send an #order twit to @Twit2art, but forgot about the concept?
You’re joking, right? People who send me an #order twit, will receive a direct message via Twitter. You’ll have to pay for your artwork in advance. People who send me an #order twit but are unfamiliar with the concept, will be thrown from the list. But don’t make that happen too often or I’ll have to send my mother. And believe me, you don’t want that.

Who is Twit2art?
I’m Jan Leenders, I live in Belgium. You can contact me via e-mail.
Don’t forget to check out my other art projects Auction Art and Art Spammers.

More questions?
Your twit doesn’t seem to have reached me? You really don’t understand how Twitter works? You want a date with my mother? Anything: mail me. Or send me a twit :)


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  1. Twit2art #19 :: Argan Cafè said, on June 27, 2008 at 11:51 am

    […] of the Twit2art art project. […]

  2. […] far, so good. But this is where it gets interesting: “If you’re fast, it’s cheap. The first twit (thus the first painting) costs € 1. The […]

  3. pixites said, on July 7, 2008 at 4:17 pm

    keep it (going) up! (lemme think about a cool tweet;)

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